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71BODIES 1DANCE, the first full production created by the company, premiered in 2018 during the Oktoberdans festival held by BIT Teatergarasjen. Since then, the production has been presented, both nationally and internationally in more than fifteen cities, and is still on tour.


The project in its entirety is a multidisciplinary choreographic initiative made in collaboration with photography artist Mar C Llop and filmmaker Ursula Kaufmann. The work has three distinct, yet connected parts consisting of; 71 life size portraits,  12 mini-documentaries presented via a film installation- Black Little Boxes and a 71 minute solo performance by Daniel Mariblanca that is inspired by 71 transgender people met throughout Scandinavia &  Europe during the two years of  preproduction. The work focuses on bringing visibility, awakening curiosity and generating knowledge about the transgender community. Highlighting the great diversity that exists within every personal journey, 71BODIES 1DANCE approaches the community complexities from a human level- through an artistic work.


In 2019 Daniel received the award for Artist of the Year from Bergen Kommune for this project.



Daniel Mariblanca, Concept, choreography, performance

Mar C Llop, Photography artist

Ursula Kaufmann, Filmmaker

Gunnar Innvær, Music composition / technician

Miriam Casal, Music composition

Florian Doerrhoefer, Music composition

Amanda Billberg, Artistic assistance / choreographic dramaturgy

Jon Eirik Sira, Light designer / tour technician

Thomas Bruvik, Light designer / tour technician

Camilla Svingen, Financial producer

Davone Sirmans, Company & Tour Manager

Produced by 71BODIES

Funding: Kulturrådet, Fond for lyd og bilde, Bergen kommune, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Vestland fylkeskommune, Nordisk Kulturfond, Norwegian Art Abroad NAA.


Coproduced by: 

BIT Teatergarasjen, Carte Blanche and Kunsthallen 3.14 in Bergen. Ravnedans in Kristiansand, BORA BORA in Aarhus, Denmark, What You See Festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands and Norrlandsoperan in Umeå, Sweden.

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