71 is a massive number and include diversity. 7 is a magical number and represents the universe and collectivity. The number 1 represents individualism and solitude. 71 is a primal number, impossible to divide. Universe and individual, public and private, political and personal, coming out and intimacy - all of the different faces of the same coin.


71BODIES is a transgender inclusive professional dance and performance company based in Bergen, Norway. The company was founded by Daniel Mariblanca at the beginning of his gender transition out of an urgency to both understand and document the complexities that lie within the transgender identity. 

In 2018, the company premiered the multidisciplinary production 71BODIES 1DANCE, which was inspired by seventy one transgender people and their stories. It has since received local, national and international support and visibility. In 2020, the three-part production In First Person premiers online and in various venues in Bergen, Norway.

71 BODIES emphasises diverse narratives by including essential perspectives communicated through film, photography and documentary style videography incorporated in its dance and performance productions.

DANIEL MARIBLANCA is a professional dancer and has his education from Toulouse CDC (Center for youth education choreographers) 2006, France. He graduated in Contemporary Dance at the Institute del Teatre de Barcelona in 2005. Since March 2016 he has been working as a dancer at Carte Blanche – The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance, as well as developing projects with his company 71BODIES.

My name is Daniel Mariblanca and I am a transgender person.
I was born in Barcelona, Spain, 35 years ago.
My transition started some years ago. I am a dancer. I felt so liberated to

come out and open my heart to all of those that surrounded me.

I did it because i could not lie to myself any more. I had a lot of doubts and fears about coming out.

To be discriminated against, to be refused by my family, my partner or my friends. I had fear that I could lose my job. I was questioning if this would affect my career.

I was concerned about how me coming out would affect my future.

Yet, I did it.


Daniel Mariblanca

Ursula Kaufman

Camilla Svingen 

Sunniva Vik

Davone Sirmans

Danja Burchard

Miranda Mac Letten

Kjersti Alm Eriksen

Florian Dorrhofer

Thomas Bruvik

Runar Gåsterud

Lotte Flesland

Paulina Cid

Artistic leader/choreographer


Financial producer

Producer/press contact

Company manager




Composer/sound designer

Light designer

Sound technician

Light technician


A special thanks to our volunteers:

Nayara Leite

Kaeto Sweeney

Sam T.

Celia Velo Camacho

Camera operator, The House [digital]

Camera operator, The House [digital]

Production, The Dance

Production, The Dance


Daniel Mariblanca

Ursula Kaufmann

Camilla Svingen

Amanda Billberg

Mar C Llop

Gunnar Innvær

Miriam Casal

Jon Eirik Sira

Artistic leader/choreographer

Video/photo artist

Producer/tour manager

Artistic assistant/dramaturg


Composer/sound designer


Light designer/technician

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